Founder and Director of Andy Newman Consultancy Ltd. Licensing Consultant & Expert Witness.

Andy Newman

Founder and Director of Andy Newman Consultancy Ltd

Retired Police Inspector 30 years' exemplary service with a proven track record of successful outcomes when preparing and presenting cases at Licensing application hearings, advice, mediation, compliance audits, and reports, training, preparation for review hearings, supporting Solicitors & Barristers where applicable.

Former Chair of the Licencing Enforcement Authorities in Hackney, London, resulting in a deep understanding of the concerns and needs of each Authority.

Manager with a solid background in the development and delivery of Community Safety, Law Enforcement, Licensing, Licensing Hearings, Delivering Licensing legacy for the Olympics, (SAG)Safety Advisory Groups, Partnership working. Experienced in evaluation and assessment, interviewing, presentation, motivation, coaching and conflict management with the ability to meet business needs and provide innovative solutions to organisational problems.


  • Led Licensing Hackney Licensing Team 2007-2011. Put in systems and processes, stopping dangerous events and thereby reducing Violent crime and Acquisitive crime linked to licensed premises. Result; knife crime down 38% Most serious violence down 16.3%. Focussed response to Acquisitive crime resulted in a 55% reduction in 9 months

  • I have a strong background in Front line policing, intelligence, investigation, problem solving, Partnership working and Community Policing and Custody. I put my experience of Inspecting Licensed Premises to good use as a Custody Manager of one of the Supersites

  • Trained Police and other Practitioners in the Licensing Act 2003, Gaming Act 2005, RIPA and other linked offences. Addressed SEV's, Gaming machines, Betting shops, underage drinking, drugs and alcohol, gangs, Raves, Public order, Sporting events, Outdoor events, disregard for Licensing Act 2003, Public Nuisance, crime and Disorder, Protection of Children and Noise pollution issues. Addressed Legacy for Olympics for Hackney and helped to deliver a safe and secure Olympics.

  • Managed one of the busiest Custody suites in London achieving a high Home Office rating.

  • Implemented Compliance Trigger Plan considered Best in Met then following a rigorous inspection by HMSO Barking was recognised by HSMO as one of the best in the Country in their report.

  • Ensured safety at Outdoor Events such as the Shoreditch Festival, Music Festivals, Beer Festivals, Film and Sporting Events, Cumulative Impact Policy issues with bars, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

  • Helped reduce crime and disorder in North East London to lowest in Hackney.

  • Chaired meetings of Responsible Authorities and other Partners whilst working in partnership.

  • Set up Forums to address gangs, diversity issues, and deliver Community safety.

  • Developed skills and team working in several fields incorporating management and development of volunteers and young people.

  • Introduced and obtained funding and delivery of Yellow belt challenge, a successful Judo initiative in Hackney, working with Fighting Chance, Arsenal Community, British Judo Association, Hackney action for young people, and Police Cadets.

  • Worked alongside the Rowing Association to facilitate the delivery of Rowing scheme to Mossborne Academy.

  • Delivered Key Note Speech on Licensing Closures and Licensing Reviews at National Conference of Association of Convenience Stores(ACS).

  • 13 Feb 2019 MA500 Privileged to speak on stage at Stamford Bridge(Chelsea Football Club),to a 2000 strong audience of Licensing Industry Professionals.


Professional Membership - Member of:

Institute of Directors (IOD)

Institute of Licensing (IoL)

British Innkeepers Institute (Bii)

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

IOL Institute of Licencing  Full Member