My Expertise

Proven track record of helping clients successfully apply for Alcohol, late night refreshment, music Licenses, apply for extra hours, TENS, Events, negotiating with the Licensing Authorities. Have delivered Licensing Training, delivered Expert Witness Licensing Reports, and inspections that have helped Licensees keep their License. Highly experienced at Representing clients with License Hearings. Recognised for National Best Practise. Have presented on stage at National Seminars.Be assured of receiving sound trustworthy professional advice from an Ex-Police Inspector with 30 years exemplary service with a strong Police and Council Licensing background. I am an active full member of The Institute of Licensing and of the BII both which support my continued commitment to continual professional development and best practice.

As a Licensing Specialist, we offer help and support that will save you and your Clients time and money and assist you in achieving positive outcomes.


As a licensing specialist we can help you get an application right the first time, navigating you though the legislation and associated guidance for all types of licensing.


It is vital that the appropriate License and Conditions are obtained and held for hotels, work space cafes, bars ad restaurants and more. We can help you promote the Licensing objectives, improve customer care, protecting your asset by ensuring that compliance requirements are met, resulting in a safe and well managed venue.

Pubs and Clubs

Providing a complete cost-effective solution for all pub and late night bar establishments to provide a professional, coordinated and efficient service.

Get peace of mind by leaving us to liaise with all the relevant statutory authorities on your behalf whether it is aLicensing Application, Variation, Review Hearing, or helping you with your other Licensing challenges including help with applications, variations, compliance reports, training and more.


Expert Witnesses

Many License applications are submitted that end up in a Licensing Hearing. One can never be sure of the outcome but you can increase your chances of success. Why miss out on the definite advantage gained through the use of an effective professional Expert Witness. Whether an Applicant, Lawyer, Consultant, Agent,  by wise use of this Service we offer, you would further increase the opportunity for a successful outcome and reduce the risk of the pain, frustration, professional embarrassment, cost and wasted time caused by a refusal to grant the Application.
Do the right thing and use this Service now.

Other Licensing

Late night refreshment, cafes, fast food outlets, off licences, theatres, sports and arts venues, gaming premises, Events and more.


IOL Institute of Licencing  Full Member